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  • LowProfile007 -

    since the previews update that i cant patch the game and i have been in the discord but no one can help me there.... what i do now?

  • nycrox -

    What time is open server ?

  • neco -

    Hey My account was blocked and I don't know why. could
    you help me

  • gnukz1922 -

    hey there, i just deleted my character by mistake, i wonder if u can help me with this issue, thanks!

  • lifereset3 -

    hello, when i want to connect on server it says that my account was banned because of usage of external programs..but i didnt used anything

  • alekthebest -

    Can u pls help the anti-exp ring is not working it stays always active pls fix

  • Prime -


  • xwyzz9559 -

    Hy my 2 acount its block for what ?? Plz give me a answor my name in game is "xWyzzz" ,another acount, name is "xAmy"

  • mrturklee -
    Nick: m468
    admit about shopping out of play look Plase

    m468: itemciden satıyom = I sell itemc
    Tekrar yeniden başlıyorum = i start again
    cebime para kasıyom = I'm earning money.

    please take care of the subject

  • Soner5454 -

    Go on plas

  • AniolekAeo -

    Ich habe ein Bankkonto mit dem Namen; AniolekAeo im Inhalt der automatischen Software würde ich gerne für welches Verbot wissen, weil ich nichts ähnliches wie 85lv lykan Verbot am 05/02/2018 verwendet habe

  • mrpapaz1234 -

    hi i can ask a question
    what happened to this award-winning poetry contest
    have the awards been announced?

  • bilalkayahan -


  • HuNterukh -

    Este Minatooo :<

    • Patience -

      :))) hentz

  • Patience -