Angepinnt Patchlog Server 2

    • Patchlog Server 2

      Dear Community, during the todays investigations on the server we applied some possible fixes over the crashes that took part on the server. Now we are running on game-version 3.9.1.

      - Increased price of Lv1&30 Weapons 100.000 gold
      - Corrected Yam-Iz spawn
      - Increased HP of Yam-Iz
      - Reduce resell price of costume changer/adder

      - Fixed possible crash issue

      - You no longer deal PvM damage with Bow attacks unless you are using a poly marble (poly marbles do not exists on server 2)
      - Changed slow monsters of Greyhills Dungeon

      Update 3.9.4 changes:

      - Yam-Iz Battlefield now requires min lv. 105
      - Enhanced Loot of Yam-Iz
      Total: 700x Gaya
      Total: 10x Cor Draconis (Legendary)
      Total: 5x Ritual Stone
      Total: 10x Razador&Nemere Ticket
      Total: 27x colored pearls (9 each)
      Total: 18x Refine Talisman
      Total: 3x Anti Magic Stone (each)
      - Reduced Pet Itemexp Chest Drop Chance to 25%
      - Added new Icons for Talismans+0 and higher
      - Lowered Prices of Voteshop: 7Days = 100DM , 15Days = 200DM
      - Changed Metin respawn from 150 to 60 seconds (lv. 90 Maps)
      - Increased number of Metin Stones in Thunder Mountains
      - Performance optimazation


      - The global announcements for finished dungeons have been removed.
      - Added Medic Kit to Seon Pyeong Shop
      - You can now buy Razador&Nemere Tickets for 100 Mithril (addition to Energy Shard option)
      - You can now buy Energy Crystal+ (perm.) for 5000 Mithril (addition to Energy Shard option)

      Server 1 + 2 - Update

      - Added timestamps to private messages

      - You can now buy a Combo Book at the Book NPC (Server2)
      - Raised the minimum damage required to receive dropps to 35% (raised from 10%)
      - Randomized the loot players receive when killing a boss together
      - Added and adjusted Ingame announcements

      - Fixxed Ring of Successor (Guild Ring)

      - Improved external program detection further
      - Added a client version checker

      - You now always enter a new dungeon when using dungeon hour glass.

      - Fixed an exploit regarding the Dungeon Hourglass
      - Fixed an issue in the Ignail Boss Room