Angepinnt [SERVER 2] Christmas Event [21.12 - 30.12]

    • [SERVER 2] Christmas Event [21.12 - 30.12]

      Dear Community,

      we have prepared a Christmas-Event for our second Server so that everyone can enjoy the Server-Start even more! Christmas is the season of love and family - Presents, Snow, Mulled Wine, Santa visiting you and so on... I will show you the concept of our Christmas-Event and you can see it as a second gift as addition to the new Server. The Event was designed to give all of you a little boost and easier start into the new Server!

      May your Christmas be decorated with cheer and filled with love! Have a wonderful Christmas season and a happy New Year as well!
      <3 <3

      The Christmas-Event starts on Friday (21.12) and will last until Sunday (30.12). During this wonderful time we have some special Metin-Drops for you:

      Lv. 40 Metin-Stone: 1x Snowball
      Lv. 70 Metin-Stone: 2x Snowball
      Lv. 90 Metin-Stone: 3x Snowball
      Lv. 105 Metin-Stone: 4x Snowball
      Lv. 125 Metin-Stone: 5x Snowball

      Gekko also thought about the upcoming Christmas days and prepared some very special offers for all of you:

      Costume & Hairstyles (5 Days) with +10% Strong against Metins; +10% Strong against Bosses
      You can also add your own bonuses to these costumes!

      Event Nickname Scroll with +5% Strong against Metins

      Ticket's for Spider Baroness, Specters Tomb, Dragon Lair, Devils Catacomb & Blacksmith Books

      Holiday Chest which contains

      The Item-Shop has some special offers prepared as well, perfect for a good start!

      Blizzard Medal - Max. HP +1.500; +25% EXP; Strong against Monsters +40%
      Ice-Medal - Max. HP +1.500; +25% EXP; Strong against Metins-Stones +30%

      Willy Walnut - Max. HP +1.500; Strong against Metin-Stones +35%
      Manni Seal - Strong against Monsters +30%

      All these item are available in a 10, 20 or 30 days version
      10 = 500 Coins, 20 = 1.000 Coins, 30 = 1.500 Coins

      Even Better for your start - some save up packages!

      Package #1 - 2500 Coins (you save: 1500 Coins), duration of all items: 15 Days

      Package #2 - 2000 Coins (you save: 1000 Coins), duration of all items: 15 Days

      Join our Discord Server - Click here
      For any question don't hesitate to PM me on board or join our TeamSpeak3 Server

      'Play smart, not hard'

      kotze of love
    • We will extend the XMAS event until the 01.01.2019 due to the recent issues!

      So more Snowballs, Gekko Store and also XMAS packages!

      Snowballs, Gekko Store and Passage Tickets will be removed after the 01.01.2019!
      Ihr habt Fragen oder oder Probleme? Schickt mir gerne ein PN!
      Any questions or issues? Please do not hesitate to contact me via PM!

      Kind regards