Update 3.7.2

    • Good morning community,

      Here is the 3.7.2 Patchlog

      - Updated the login interface
      - Updated the loading screens
      - Performance improvements
      - PvP adjustments

      Below please find a more detailed list of pvp changes
      -- strong damage decrease
      - damage decrease
      + damage increase
      ++ strong damage increase

      Body Warrior
      Dash ++

      Mental Warrior
      Spirit Strike + (-2 seconds cooldown)

      Blade Fight Ninja
      Insidious Poison ---
      Poison Cloud ++

      Archery Ninja
      Spark -

      Weaponry Sura
      Dispel -

      Black Magic Sura

      Dragon Shaman
      Dragon's Roar ++
      Shooting Dragon +
      Flying Talisman +

      Healing Shaman
      Summon Lightning +
      Lightning Throw +
      Lightning Claw +

      Shred ++
      Wolf's Breath +
      Wolf's Punce --
      Wolf's Claw ---
      Ihr habt Fragen oder oder Probleme? Schickt mir gerne ein PN!
      Any questions or issues? Please do not hesitate to contact me via PM!

      Kind regards