Update 3.6.0

    • New:
      • Added required changes for Halloween event (thread comming later)
      • Implemented new feature: in-chat web hyperlinks. It works both on normal chat and whisper. Allowed hostnames for links:
        • rubinum.

        • board.rubinum.biz

        • wiki.rubinum.biz

        • youtube.com

        • twitch.tv

      • Pet System pet's HP/SP/Def are now calculated dynamically

      • Fixed a visual bug of Swiftness skill of Healer Shaman in which it was granting crit skill effect too
      • Fixed the bug in which items were randomly removed from Quickslot bar
      • Fixed a shining bug of weapon-costumes
      • Added some security changes on offline shop
      • Fixed immortal mob bug from Lyrium's (most likely)
      • You can now open cursed Orc Chest again
      • Razador drops Red Dragon Stone again

      FYI: We had to change the offlineshop/shop search. Currently Items wont stack onto already existing ones when:
      • Buying items from shop (shop search or from shop directly)
      • Removing items from your shop
      While this is not really convenient for you as a player, it is required to prevent potential item loses after removing/buying items!
      Ihr habt Fragen oder oder Probleme? Schickt mir gerne ein PN!
      Any questions or issues? Please do not hesitate to contact me via PM!

      Kind regards