Update 3.6.0

    • Update 3.6.0

      Good morning,

      We will perform a maintenance today at 09:00 CET (in aprox. 30 minutes from now). This maintenance may take a bit more than the usual because we make some hardware changes, besides applying the actual patch. We will keep you updated on this and will post patchlog after everything is done.

      Best regards,
    • New:
      • Added required changes for Halloween event (thread comming later)
      • Implemented new feature: in-chat web hyperlinks. It works both on normal chat and whisper. Allowed hostnames for links:
        • rubinum.

        • board.rubinum.biz

        • wiki.rubinum.biz

        • youtube.com

        • twitch.tv

      • Pet System pet's HP/SP/Def are now calculated dynamically

      • Fixed a visual bug of Swiftness skill of Healer Shaman in which it was granting crit skill effect too
      • Fixed the bug in which items were randomly removed from Quickslot bar
      • Fixed a shining bug of weapon-costumes
      • Added some security changes on offline shop
      • Fixed immortal mob bug from Lyrium's (most likely)
      • You can now open cursed Orc Chest again
      • Razador drops Red Dragon Stone again

      FYI: We had to change the offlineshop/shop search. Currently Items wont stack onto already existing ones when:
      • Buying items from shop (shop search or from shop directly)
      • Removing items from your shop
      While this is not really convenient for you as a player, it is required to prevent potential item loses after removing/buying items!
      Ihr habt Fragen oder oder Probleme? Schickt mir gerne ein PN!
      Any questions or issues? Please do not hesitate to contact me via PM!

      Kind regards